Bonkio: Play with 8 Players Simultaneously

Bonkio is a multiplayer game which supports up to eight simultaneous players. You have the goal to kick your opponents off the stage and at the end of the day, the last man standing in the level wins the game. You can play a team based match or last man standing type of matches to challenge your friends and foes from around the globe.

Bonkio is mainly a strategic game. The game also tests your raw skills and you have to position yourself carefully. For instance, it is equally important to dodge a collision as smashing into your enemies in Bonkio.

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Bonkio Controls

Bonkio is a physics based game but you don’t need to be too much of a physics geek to play the game. If you are new to Bonkio, no problem at all! You can easily learn the controls of the game here and the next moment, you are ready to play Bonkio. Here are the main controls of the game:

  1. Press the arrow keys to move around the map.
  2. If you want to make yourself heavier, press the ‘X’ button on your keyboard. But why would you want to be heavier? It’s because if you are heavier, you will bear comparatively more momentum so that you can smash hard into your enemies. Moreover, it becomes much difficult for your opponents to push you around. So being heavier is more like a win-win situation for you. Neither will it be easier for your opponent to push you out of the stage nor will it be difficult for you to push your enemies away. However, you will become less maneuverable. In-Game Features

Wanna create your own maps and play on those designs? You can use the in-game level editor available on Bonkio and play on your hand-made maps. Nevertheless, you can play on the custom maps created by the people in Bonkio community as well as upload your maps and stuffs to the Bonkio server for others to play.

Other Features

Quickly join a game by using the quick play feature available in the game. Just click on the button that says ‘quick play’ and you will be pushed in the middle of a game. As mentioned earlier, you can also create custom games on Bonkio and manage the settings whatever you like.

Feature Upgrades

Bonkio is a game under development so it is being constantly updated with new features and improvements. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to keep checking our site for new upgrades. Enjoy playing Bonkio! Unblocked


The unblocked version of Bonkio is more like a hacked version which can be played from any network. Even if your network is restricted, you can access Bonkio in our site because it’s a hacked version. Did you manage to play Bonkio at your workplace?

CREDIT: Bonkio Game is developed by Chaz

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